ReOpening Soon!!

With Governor Abbott releasing Gyms to reopen on May 18th, we plan on reopening for modified in person classes on June 1st. We will also be continuing our virtual classes for the near future, for those students and parents not quite ready to come back to in person classes.

We have been diligently coming up with a plan to reopen safely. Some of the steps are listed below. We will continue to monitor the situation within our county and state. And will follow all CDC and State mandates.


  1. All floors, equipment and hard surfaces will be completely cleaned with medical grade disinfectants prior to re entry into the school.
  2. All Staff members will be attending full training on procedures prior to reopening.
  3. All Staff, Parents and Students will be required to have temperature taken upon entry to school.
  4. All Staff, Parents, Students and Visitors will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of building.
  5. All Mats, equipment and hard surfaces will be disinfected prior to next class coming in.
  6. All Instructors, Students, Parents and Visitors will need to adhere to the 6ft Social Distancing Mandates, in and out of the school.
  7. Masks and Gloves will be available for anyone wishing to use them.
  8. All students will be required to use their own gear and weapons, no students will be allowed to borrow gear or weapons, until deemed safe to do so. There will be disinfecting available if needed. Students are encouraged to clean all gear daily after class.
  9. The water fountain will be closed until further notice. Students are encouraged to provide their own water bottles and keep these in their bags.
  10. All offices and Kids rooms will be off limits to all students and parents.
  11. Bleacher seating will be available, but all social distancing mandates must be adhered to.
  12. All weapons and gear must be carried into building within a sparring bag or other bag, to maintain exposure.
  13. Students will be allowed to wear socks on the mat.
  14. We will be modifying the schedule to allow for a 15 min. space in between each class to allow for disinfecting mat, equipment and hard surfaces. Students are encouraged to practice social distancing when waiting or wait in cars.
  15. We will have limited parent visitation during classes to maintain occupancy restrictions. Parents of juniors are encouraged to drop off and pick up students. Parents who drop off need to make sure that they are waiting for their student at end of class. NO Students will be allowed to wait in the building after classes to allow for disinfecting and occupancy restrictions.

We will continue to monitor and adjust any procedures daily, to make sure that we are providing a safe and healthy environment for our Staff, parents, students and visitors. Safety is paramount to all of us to be successful.

We deeply appreciate everyone’s continued support. Through this we have maintained about 70% of our base. This has allowed us to pay rent, salaries and other operating costs. We are blessed to have been able to do this. Without your continued support, this may have not been possible. We are so grateful to each and everyone of you for standing by us. We love working with all of you. We have missed seeing all of you in person over the past couple of months and are excited to offer in person classes again. We are being extremely cautious, as each of the staff has some underlying condition that makes safety and health imperative to all.

We know some students and parents will not be ready to come back to in person. We understand this and will continue to provide our virtual classes. We welcome feedback and comments to help us make sure we offer a positive, productive and value service to each of you.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for all you do.