Ending of one Journey…..Beginning of New

DSC_0049Coppell ATA and Karate for Kids opened its doors on March 6th, 2006 with a total of 13 students.  Over the past nine years we have had students come and go and some extremely amazing families continue their journeys with us to this day.  We have had several instructions bless us with their instruction, from 6th Degree Master Earl Shiflett, 5th Degrees Zach Rogers, (now owner of the NRH ATA), 5th Degree Kaitlyn Rogers (now working with the Allen ATA), 5th Degree Mark Sawyer ( now working at the McKinney ATA), 5th Degrees Brett and Jackie Erwin, 5th Degree Dani Kennedy, (special guest from Sustaire’s ATA), Richard Rodriquez (now owner of Rogriquez’s ATA in Highland Village), 4th Degree Durienda Mathis (now working at Southlake ATA), 3rd Degree Sarah Slape (Titterington), and 3rd Degree T.Michael Kennedy.  There are so many Junior Leaders that have helped with classes over the years, that help in any way they can.  They are our true heroes.  We thank each and every Instructor, Junior Instructor and Student who has ever help teach with us.

For all those students and families who have tried a class, done a seminar, come to a birthday party, Kids night out, picnic in the park, supported our tournaments, testings, demonstrations, fitness seminar, bully prevention, school shows, and one of the many events we have done over the years….THANK YOU!!!  Words cannot describe how much  you mean to us and value you and your family.  You have been and will continue to always be a part of our family.

It is bittersweet to leave this home, so many wonderful memories and friendships and connections have been made in these walls.  Some easy, fun and pure joy.  Some hard, painful and disappointing, but all will never be forgotten and make us who will are today and who we will become in the future.  We have all taught and been taught lessons that will continue with us throughout our lives.  For that we are truly grateful and humbled.

So, as we take down the pictures, plaques, certifications, flags, move the equipment and roll up the mat…As we turn off the sign and turn out the lights for the final time, we say not goodbye but see you soon!!!


As our new home is being built we will try to continue classes with as little interruption as possible at the temporary location.  Please continue to be respectful to our neighbors and park in front of Tuesday morning and come up the elevator or stairs.  We do not want to take away parking from any businesses that are currently there.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.  We are so excited about our new journey.

Coppell ATA_training academy_window logo_final


Ms. Jackson, Ms. Emily, Ms. Katelyn, Mr. Trace, Ms. Paige, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin, Mr. Kennedy and the entire Junior Instructor team.