Protech Training Systems

Protech Training Systems provides advanced martial arts training for students in weapons and self-defense. Below are some descriptions of the Protech Weapons that students will learn at Coppell ATA and Karate for Kids.

Protech Training Systems Programs:


  • Single Ssahng Jeol Bong
  • Double Ssahng Jeol Bong
  • Single Bahng Mahng Ee
  • Double Bahng Mahng Ee
  • Jee Pahng Ee (Cane)
  • Jahng Bong – Mid Range
  • Jahng Bong – Long Range
  • Sam Dan Bong (3 Sectional Staff)
  • Ssahng Nat (Kamas)
  • Gum Do (Sword)
  • Oh Sung Do (Broadsword)


  • Joint Manipulation
  • Ground Fighting
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • Yoo Sul (Throwing and Falling)

Single and Double Ssahng Jeol Bong (Nunchucku) – This course gives students a solid foundation in the use of Ssahng Jeol Bongs and helps them understand how this exciting weapon works. The material taught in this course is taken from several different backgrounds, pulling the best and most effective techniques from each. As with the other weapons, the benefits include improved upper body development, better hand-eye coordination, increased concentration and a great deal of fun. We are sure you will find this course to be both challenging and extremely enjoyable.

Single and Double Bahng Mahng Ee – This course highlights the most popular techniques of the Filipino stick fighting systems, as well as incorporates aspects of Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts. The stick course gives students the basics for training in just about any weapons system. It also helps develop hand eye coordination and is great physical exercise.

Jahng Bong (Long Staff) – This course offers one of the most effective long range weapons used in early Korea. It is a combination of Chinese, Korean and Japanese techniques which allows us to use the best of each style. Besides learning this beautiful weapon, the benefits include increased self-defense skills and tremendous upper body strength, as well as improved concentration, coordination, focus and self confidence.