We provide an elite training facility where students participate in many aspects of martial arts training. True mixed martial arts, is about experiencing many aspects of martial arts training. Advanced self defense, advanced weapons training, competition training toward State or World titles, Extreme Martial Arts (we are a licensed XMA school), training to be a Nationally Certified Instructor, and true Leadership training.

In addition to our core Songahm Taekwondo curriculum you will have the opportunity to learn material from various disciplines. Many new students have interest in the competitive nature of martial arts they see on TV.

in martial arts with a proper foundation grounded in respect for others with integrity and discipline in their own training. Our goal is to develop a student that is focused, respectful, willing to give their best effort, and is a great example for others to follow.

We will teach students the skills necessary to be effective leaders and to have a positive influence over their peers rather than their peers having any influence over them.  Dealing properly with unhealthy peer pressure, choosing the right friends, and avoiding dangerous situations are all results you can see from our program.

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