“One of the best things that has happened for our family is finding this studio. Our 8 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter take such pride in their taekwondo accomplishments. As parents, it is invaluable to know that you are raising kids with the confidence and self defense skills to thrive in the world. Thank you to the Jackson family!”

The Suarez Family


“We love the Jackson family. The service they provide through the academy for the community is so important. Recent changes in the ATA approach seem to be working very well. Our daughter has been attending since she was three, about to turn four. She’s five now. It’s amazing to see the progress. Not just on the skill level, but in the maturity development. As with everything in life, it’s a process and she is learning to fall in love with the process of practice.”

Mark F.


“As a Korean, I always want to teach my kids Tae Kwon Do and found awesome place. Staffs are great and my son loves everything,,,^^
Go Coppell ATA karate for kids~~~”

Kajin Y.


“Our son Jacob enrolled in the Tiny Tigers program in July of 2012.  He had just turned 5.  Jacob was a very quiet child who needed a boost to his self-confidence and we thought this may help.  Jacob practically had to be dragged out onto the mat for the first class, but the instructors at Coppell ATA quickly won him over with their kindness and their patience.  Within a few classes he was so excited about going that he would ask every morning upon waking if today was a “karate class day”.


Fast forward nearly 2 years and Jacob has made unbelievable advances.  He has moved from the Tiny Tigers program up to Juniors.  He has also become part of Coppell ATA’s Leadership Program.  He is now competing in tournaments and most recently placed in the top 3 in all 4 of his events at a large tournament in Dallas.  Watching him compete confidently in front of dozens of people with such poise is something we never in a million years would have expected from our quiet, shy little boy.  The change is truly monumental.

Ms. Jackson, and the rest of the staff at Coppell ATA are not only very knowledgeable in the art of Tae Kwon Do, but are amazing teachers and mentors to all of their students.  They have helped nurture a love for martial arts in Jacob that we expect will last a lifetime.”

David and Diana G.



“My son Johnnie began Taekwondo in 2006.  My other son Jacob & I watched from the benches.  After a couple of months, Jacob & I were listening to Mrs Jackson and Jacob began copying what the students were doing on the mats.

A new world opened up for Jacob.

See – Jacob has Cerebral Palsy.

Martial Arts has given Jacob the inspiration, the motivation, the desire, the reason and the Way to do a lot of that hard, sweaty work.  And not just Jacob, but also for our family.

We signed Jacob up at Coppell ATA/AMA just before he turned 4 in Jan 2007.  When we did, Jacob said “I will be a Black Belt. I will be a World Champion.”


The instructors at Coppell ATA/AMA have been with Jacob along his journey and they have been a wonderful part of his life.”

– father of Jacob, 2010 Texas State Champion in Forms, Sparring, and Weapons. (7&under color belt; physical special abilities ring)





” In the fall of 2006 my daughter, Andrea, had been asking me for months to find a martial arts school for her.  I was hesitant on two accounts…1) Andrea has Down syndrome, and 2) we had tried a school once before for her when she was 8 years old, but she really didn’t seem to do well and it just didn’t work out.

With Christmas soon approaching, I decided to stop by Coppell ATA and see what they thought.  I met with Mrs. Jackson and explained not only how I would like for Andrea to try this, but also some of my concerns.  Mrs. Jackson and I decided to give it a try to see how it would work out and I signed Andrea, who was now 13, up for the Juniors class starting in January.  I took the uniform home and wrapped it up as a Christmas present and then waited until the big day.

The delight in Andrea’s eyes upon opening the box with her uniform was incredible.  She was so excited and wanted to go to the taekwondo school that very day!  Andrea started classes in January and loved them so much that we found ourselves going four times a week.  Andrea progressed through the ranks and in March 2009 became a black belt, breaking a board with her foot and another board with her hand.  

 From the very first class Andrea attended, I knew that we had found the right school for her.  The instructors at the school are all incredible and hold Andrea to a high standard.  They look at her a student, not as someone with a disability that won’t be able to understand.  They expect her to succeed and to learn…and she does!  

 There are so many great things I can say about this school.  Andrea’s overall physical abilities have improved so much so that everyone noticed within the first three months what a better soccer player and swimmer she had become.  Her memory improved as she worked hard on her forms and moves.  Her confidence improved also as she earned new belts.  She recognized that being mindful and respectful of her parents and other adults is an important tool to learning.  Andrea also learned about responsibility and how to keep track of her schedule so as to not miss a class.  Even her vocabulary has grown with words like “perseverance”, “goals”, and “loyalty”.

 This school is more than just taekwondo classes.  It has become a way of life for Andrea that will continue through the years.”

– mother of Andrea, 2nd degree black belt.

“I have been in and out of martial arts for most of my adult life.  When my son turned four, I decided to get him started because I wished that I had started younger. I went around town and checked out a number of different martial arts schools of differing styles. When I came to Jackson’s ATA, I was immediately impressed with the quality of instruction, the fact that they focused on the kids, and I liked the fact that life skills were taught as being as important, if not more important, than the taekwondo and self-defense skills. After watching a several classes over the course of a few days, I was convinced that it was great curriculum. I got my son started, and a few months later after watching him progress, I started training myself—again, for the sixth time. We started competing in tournaments almost right off the bat as colored belts, and traveling to tournaments was our father-son thing to do. We got our black belts together, and tied them on each other. It was a very proud moment. I watched my son transform and evolve from a shy little four year old boy, to a 7 year old Black Belt with discipline, self-respect, manners, self-confidence and leadership skills as a direct result of his Jackson’s ATA. It’s a great school and a great program. I am proud to be one of its students and, now, proud to be an Instructor here and working on my Certified Instructor rating.”


T. Michael


T. Michael Kennedy

    Attorney at Law